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Q: What does Grub & Paint’s services include? 

A: We provide all the materials needed for your children to paint, including smocks and a friendly instructor to demonstrate the painting steps. The final 16 x 20 canvas is for the participants to keep!
While these options are available upon request, a Grub & Paint party does NOT include: seating and tables (required), lighting, music or food.


Q: How much does a private Grub & Paint event cost?

A: Our cost depends on the size of your party, please see the list below:

  • 31-40 participants: $30.00 per
  • 21-30 participants: $35.00 per
  • 15-20 participants: $40.00 per
  • more than 40 participants or special events: contact us for a quote


Q: Where is Grub & Paint located?

A: Grub & Paint does not operate out of a single location, we bring the event to the space of your choice! At request, we can provide a list of recommended venues to host your party and can be available at a recreation center, home, or restaurant that you are comfortable with.


Q: Do you do events for adults?

A: Our sister company, Pub & Paint holds public and private events in and around the Baltimore area.


Q: Do you hold private lessons?

A: Our passion is teaching fine arts and we are a team of accomplished educators who love working with children and young adults to help strengthen creative skills. Please contact us to schedule a private lesson from one of our enthusiastic teachers.